Monday, March 20, 2017

PG Selfies (after electrolysis appointment)

Just playing around with image processing. I took a few selfies after my electrolysis appointment this past Saturday and converted them into a video file. 

If the source pictures are not the same size it gets challenging to figure out how to resize things so the video file actually plays.

Electrolysis is going great, but there is still more to go.


  1. Wow lovely Jen, I do love my legs smooth too

  2. I know it feels so good! Especially in a skirt on a breezy day :-) My electrolysis is for my face though!

    1. You look fabulous! Love the short dress - you're a brave girl!

      On hair removal... Back when I was still working (and had money) I underwent several rounds of laser removal on arms, legs, chest and back. I couldn't stand the "tropical rain forest" of hair on those areas. There has been some 'growback" over the years, but I can still epilate what's left and go with smooth legs in pantyhose (and smooth arms) for over a week.

      That's good enough for me. My chest and back are probably only 1/20th of the previous density. A huge improvement. Chest is easy to shave...and I just stay away from backless outfits. Yes, those smooth, hairless legs feel fabulous under a skirt!

      But I ignored my face. Orders from headquarters. Wifey didn't want me to go to work trying to explain the puffy, bumpy red face I'd have had from it (based on a one-time-only large trial area.)

      I tweeze the black hairs that are left on my mustache area and around my mouth and chin (half have fortunately turned gray). Since my long hair typically covers the sides of my face, it sort of works. Much as I'd like to have electro now, it just isn't in my future now that I'm retired, due to the financial impact.

      Glad you're getting it done earlier in life...I wish I could have!


    2. Hi Mandy!

      Yes, looking back at this maybe the dress is a little short hehehe :-)

      As for electrolysis, my appointments are usually Saturday's, sometimes Friday end of day. Of course I have to let my facial hair grow out a couple of days prior. At work I'm sure people notice the uneven growth that is sometimes not avoidable depending on what areas of the face we are working on. If it hasn't occurred to at least one person yet as to what I'm having done I'd be surprised.

      I am too late in the game to benefit from laser, as most of my hair is no longer very dark.

      I haven't epilated in a while because I started getting too many ingrown hairs. I'm sure if I buy another epilator it would not bee too bad for a while, but it would be my 3rd one. I guess they wear out.

  3. Oh but jen shaving your legs is so sensual, I do mine twice a week and it's just so relaxing and my legs never have bumps or anything anymore just smooth pretty legs
    Hugs Rachael

    1. Hi Rachael!

      Yes I love smooth legs too - they do feel soooo gooood! :-P

  4. jen- Great to hear about you electrolysis... and you look great, hon!
    hugs, ~sara

  5. Hi sarah!

    Thanks for the kind words girl!


  6. Hi hunni! I'm wearing my new bralette and panties today...lovely!
    May have to change to a diap a bit later...
    Have a great day! hug, ~sara

  7. sara, you and jen both in diapers sounds just adorable I bet you two would have such fun
    Hugs Rachel Leigh

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Yes I'm sure you are right!