Friday, March 31, 2017

20% Of Millennials Identify As LGBTQ

From a Huffington Post article: "Harris Poll fielded online responses on behalf of GLAAD from more than 2,000 U.S. adults 18 years and older in November for the study, titled “Accelerating Acceptance 2017.” Results showed that millennial participants, or those between 18 and 34 years old, were much more likely to identify as LGBTQ than older generations surveyed."

This is very encouraging to me. Thank you Millennials!

Of interest is that over half of the US non-LGBTQ population polled consider themselves LGBTQ allies. 1 in 7 (14%) are "resistors." So it's people in the 14% that are driving the hate?

Non-LGBTQ respondents attitude towards LGBTQ community

The above chart is a roll-up from these questions asked of non-LGBT respondents:

Monday, March 20, 2017

PG Selfies (after electrolysis appointment)

Just playing around with image processing. I took a few selfies after my electrolysis appointment this past Saturday and converted them into a video file. 

If the source pictures are not the same size it gets challenging to figure out how to resize things so the video file actually plays.

Electrolysis is going great, but there is still more to go.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Another TGirl night part 2; the Red Carpet pictures are in

The theme was pin-up girls this month.

I thought I had an outfit that would fit the theme, but I left my pin-up girl hat in the car. As it turned out, a fair number of people seemed to be more of the 50's style clothing.

Here are our pictures...

Yes my stockings have a back seam!

Making it on Makeout lane <3

Keep having fun everyone!


Monday, March 6, 2017

Another TGirl Nights night

Last Saturday was the monthly TGirl Nights dance party at Hamburger Mary's.

It looks like the club is making the first Saturday of the month trans-centric. They now have a drag show scheduled before the dance party starts. This month we arrived just after it wrapped up. Last month we got there with 30 or 40 minutes left in the drag show, and it was a lot of fun to see.

I took a brief video clip while we were waiting in line on the upper level to get our red carpet pictures taken. Those usually take a week or two before they get put up on Facebook.

The theme was Pin-up girls. I had brought a hat just for this, but I left it in the car when we arrived. In the end I don't think it would have been too fun to have worn it as it was a little small and would easily fall off my head. Oh well!

As we walked along the alley from the parking structure to the club, Miss took a picture of me. I had to go with a little "trashy" because it was an alley after all! ;-)

Outside the front of the club you can smoke and drink. You have to give your drink to an employee, so they can carry it the 3 feet across the city sidewalk that separates the club from the patio area. I guess that's what they worked out with the city to be able to do this.

I entered the area alone while Miss used the restroom. While I waited a young trans girl sat across the table from me. She didn't make eye contact so I didn't really feel she was open to me introducing myself to her. It's possible she didn't speak very good English, that's the only explanation I could think of. When Miss joined me the trans girl got up and moved somewhere else.

While Miss had a smoke, and I sipped my drink, I was a little mischievous - hehehehe!

I've used this post as an excuse to play with converting still images to movie files, and then using youtube to reference them here on blogger. It works!

Keep having fun out there everyone!

Testing, testing, 123 - Testing movie format uploads

Hmm, the resolution gets dropped down quite a bit when I upload it vs. the original file.

Direct from youtube

Friday, February 24, 2017

Miss giveth, and she taketh away

Leveraging our new found love of analingus (of course only me giving, she receiving), Miss decided she needed to remind me of who's the boss in our FemDom relationship.

She had been teasing me, telling me I had a licking of her delicious rear-end to look forward to.

But when it came time for business, these are the toys she had in mind.

The pretty pink ball gag was for me of course. And for her, well, her bullet vibe.

She put the gag on me, and told me to lay on my back on the bed. She then positioned herself into reverse cowgirl position over me, and backed her rear-end over my face, pressing her sexy butt hole against my face, pressing it right onto the pink ball.

She teased me, something along the lines of  "Do you like the view? How does it feel to be sooo close and not be able to lick it? Ohhhh pooor baby!" Of course all I could do was mumble my replies through the gag.

Then she placed the bullet vibrator against her clit, and lowered herself onto my chest so it was wedged between my chest and her sexy sweet spot. She turned it on and started to grind against it, and simultaneously grinding against the pink ball of the gag in my mouth. I could smell her but my tongue was denied. I did my best to press that ball into her ass as hard as I could.

She continued with a bit more humiliation... "Don't you wish you could lick it? Well too bad, denied! No orgasm for you sissy gurl! I decide when you can cum!"

And she continued to fuck my face, and her vibe, and she had one hell of an orgasm!

OMG! It was so so intense! I love every minute of it!